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Ways To Improve The Ranking Of Your Articles

When people ask us, what is the one difference between a good writer and a smart writer? We always say that a good writer creates a good piece while a smart writer creates a piece and make people read it. Writing is a very hectic work, and only a writer knows what all goes into writing a good piece. There are a lot of things which a writer has to consider while writing a good content, the most important is a thorough research and proper analysis of the data that is available on the internet regarding the topic. However, after doing all of these it is really heart-breaking if the content does not get place in the first page of google search page. So, where are you as a content writer going wrong? What changes are needed in your writing style?

We understand the sorrow and agony of a content writer and after a lot of analayis, we have diagnosed certain mistakes that content writer often does while writing the piece. Hence, team Teamlogy has come up with top 5 ways through which you can make your article appear in the top rankings of internet.

Top 5 Ways To Improve The Ranking Of Your Articles

Follow The Trend

The most important element which goes into the recipe of making a good content is first considering high traffic keywords. There are a lot of websites and apps which can help you in identifying trending topics related to your niche google trends, uber suggests. Like for example if you are a food blogger, you can search what’s trending in food industry. Once you get a trending keyword, then all you need is create a perfect framework for the article and get set started!

Search For Your Audience

The amount of love your content will receive also depends on the audience for which you are writing. Like, if we talk about India, the country has around 70% of internet users out of which 83% are youths then the content should be more youth driven to attract them towards the content.

Consider An Appealing Title

Shakespeare said, “What is in the name?” but in the world of content writing name/title matters a lot. There are a lot of times when we are appalled by the title of a piece and thus we are attracted to it. In-fact in a latest research it is proven that title does play a vital role in driving organic traffic to the content. Hence, always resort to make an attractive and appalling title for your content.

Edit And Proofread A Lot

A lot of times it does happens when a writer just writes an article and publish it without making an effort to proofread it. This can be really hazardous to his own reputation in this line as there are at times when a lot of grammatical, reading errors are left to be worked on. We recommends using leading tools such as Grammarly. It not only helps in removing grammatical errors but also suggests best phrases and sentences.

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